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Smarter Crowdsourcing for Coronavirus

Thanks for your interest in Smarter Crowdsourcing Coronavirus. This call for expertise is to participate in 2-hour online conferences to discuss innovative and practical ways to tackle Coronavirus' most pressing challenges will be open until October 2020. These small-group conversations are intended to foster brainstorming of actionable new strategies in conversation with those government officials responsible for managing the outbreaks.

Participants lend their skills to tackle a public health emergency, speak directly to those interested in implementing new approaches, and deliberate with diverse innovators and professionals to refine good ideas into actionable projects.

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Please note that, in an effort to make conversations meaningful, we are limiting the size of each group. We will confirm your participation and provide login instructions by return email.

Information Collection Statement

Thank you for signing up to participate in Smarter Crowdsourcing Coronavirus. We collect personally identifiable information from you for the purpose of communicating with you about your involvement in the upcoming online conferences. In the spirit of openness, we will publish the names, affiliations, and locations of all participants. We will not share contact information.